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Platinum Program Secrets: How To Make 6-Figures In Record Time With Deeply Transformational, Highly Profitable High-End Coaching And Mentoring Programs

In Platinum Program Secrets I reveal my proven system to create your first – or next – 6-figures in record time, so you can enjoy the freedom you design and the income you deserve, all while changing more lives with your Heart Work.

This program will work even if your transformation is “deep and powerful,”… or you’re not a coach, are new in business or don’t have a big list!

I’ve even done the work FOR YOU by including proven materials from my own business – all the templates, scripts, and blueprints you need to succeed!

It’s my entire system for creating, marketing, filling and delivering deeply transformational, highly profitable high-end coaching and mentoring programs, including TONS of done-for-you examples, templates and marketing materials from my own business to help YOU create your first – or next! – high-end program in record time.

The Art Of Feminine Magic®: How To Manifest Like A Woman And Make Your Success Inevitable

Are you ready to master the art of manifestation so you can consciously “call in” the right clients, partners, opportunities and more – whenever you desire?

The Art Of Feminine Magic® is an all-NEW training that delivers a system to help the women entrepreneur create what she needs at will – be it new clients, income or opportunities – with feminine style.

It’s a series of energetic AND practical tools to help you claim what you really want, move through the common mindset blocks that stop you from receiving, and make things happen in your business.

These are all of the mindset and manifesting secrets I’ve used to go from near-zero to $500,000 in two years, organized into a step-by-step system you can follow. You can use what I share with you in this course to help you accomplish ANYTHING on your plate (attracting the perfect clients, team… event the perfect location for your next workshop) with more ease and speed. Get instant access to the digital version here:

Client Enrollment Secrets

Sick of struggling to attract clients who are ready, willing and able to pay your fees? Would you like to offer a high-end program but… you have no ideal how to find clients who will pay for it? It’s the #1 frustration I hear from spiritual entrepreneurs… which is why I created this program just for you!

You don’t have to be a “guru” in your field or have a big list to authentically ‘seal the deal’ with high-end clients. Truth is, they will choose YOU over someone else (yes, even a big name or someone who has been in business longer) when you know what to do, how to market, and what to say in conversations.

And that’s what I shared in this content-rich training series, which included four (4) core classes plus generous BONUS trainings, including how to create your Signature Story, your Signature System, and “How To Attract High-End Clients By Raising Your Fees And Standing In Your Power With Money”, plus tons of templates, checklists and word-for-word scripts to help you get started right away.

You’ll get instant access to all recordings and goodies for download. Get your copy here:

Get Clients In 30 Days: How To Add 10 Clients To Your Business Practically Overnight, Even If You’re Starting From Scratch

In Get Clients In 30 Days, you’ll discover how to take the shortest and quickest path possible to enrolling new clients in 30 days or less… no matter where are now or how long you’ve been in business – yes, even if you’re a complete newbie.

Here is just some of what you’ll discover in this program:

  • My proven systems to quickly enroll new clients and fill your programs (these are the same systems that allowed me to create a multi-six-figure business while my tribe was still well under 1000 people)
  • Tons of the same templates, scripts, and copy to help you create the authentic connections that lead to clients signing on with you (note: these are the same ones I use in my own business)
  • How to have rich and juicy invitation conversations that give value and serve your potential clients’ highest good – while leading them to take the next step

Go here for all the details and reserve your copy of the Get Clients In 30 Days! Homestudy System:

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