“I have been truly blown away by how much abundance comes in…”

Before working with Elizabeth, I’d been working as both a professional artist and a web designer. I’d enjoyed success in both areas, but I had hit a wall. I was working all the time, doing work that just barely paid the bills but didn’t feed my spirit.

Elizabeth saw immediately where I had been giving my power away in my web design business, in both money and time. Her championing and strong coaching gave me the courage to put myself first and let go of that business so I could follow my calling. I know I would not have taken that step had it not been for her support.

Now, I’ve retired from web design and have stepped into my heart work as a professional artist, Tarot deck designer and teacher, full time. And what’s truly incredible is, I actually doubled my 1ncome as I made this transition. My business is on a solid foundation, and I’m consistently having fantastic money months – I have been truly blown away by how much abundance comes in.

With Elizabeth’s expert guidance, I launched the Limited Edition of my Gaian Tarot deck, my most ambitious and personally meaningful art project to date. The launch was a huge success, selling over twice as many decks as I had expected. Then I launched another dream project – a virtual space where a community could form to learn, share and grow together. My membership site opened with almost 200 members!

Working with Elizabeth has transformed my business and my life. I used to have to look for clients to pay the bills. Now, I get to be who I am… and people come to me. I learned that I could make a living beyond what I ever dreamed I could make. And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I can support myself well – no matter what’s happening with the economy. That kind of freedom is a priceless gift.

I highly, highly recommend Elizabeth to any conscious or spirit-minded entrepreneur who truly wants to break through whatever is holding them back and create true abundance while pursuing their higher purpose.

Joanna Powell Colbert
Private Platinum Client

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